Fequently Asked Questions

Que : What is this site all about?

Ans : This is site is only for promotional purpose. New artist can come here and release their art in any field to which the site is capable of. The user, visiting this site will only be able to download resources for entertainment purpose. They are not allowed to use the content of this site for making money. This is prohibited for end user to edit the original content ot this site and upload somewhere else for any other purpose.

Que : Can I play the songs from this site in parties?

Ans : Yes! the users are allowed to use songs for any events

Que : How to download songs from the site?

Ans : Click on any song. after that you will be redirected to download page. from there you will get download link. if link doesn't work try one two on more time.

Que : Can I downoad all songs at a time?

Ans : No. But You can download all songs inside an album at once as a zip file.

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